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I’m Ames. I am a coach, trainer, public speaker, poet, survivor and thriver. I believe that no matter what you have been through or how stuck you feel, you have the ability to make the absolute best of your life right now. 


I am a life coach specializing in relationships, communication and finding hope. My workshop, Intentional Communication, as well as individual coaching have helped participants and clients develop techniques and skills to improve marriages, friendships and working relationships. 


I am an ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training) and safeTALK trainer as well as a trainer of trainers for both programs. My passion to prevent suicide led me to spend the last 17 years training people how to have the tough conversation about thoughts of suicide. I love helping participants in my workshops learn to have that conversation with someone in their world. 


I am also a Training Coach and strongly believe that even the best trainers can improve. I provide skills coaching for trainers helping them hone their skills to be the best they can in the training room.  


I live in Richmond, Virginia, but I’m originally from a tiny town outside of the glorious city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I am an avid Steelers fan but that doesn’t begin to explain my passion for the Black and Gold! 


In my world, reading and poetry are like breathing and music of all kinds is a constant. You can check out my poetry on my sister website,, or my Instagram, @unbecomingink.



I’m “J”, a caregiver, administrator, technical director, survivor, lover of Jesus, and Marine veteran.

I love my family, American history, and this country. I am also passionate about people finding hope and healing to live their best life. No matter what each of us have been through hope can enter the story! 


Previously, I was a producer, director, and creative director working with many organizations making the experience at their events seamless & deeply impactful from the stage to the parking lot.


Originally from Donora, PA and also an avid Steelers fan, I have lived most of my life near Richmond, VA. I love music and the beach and one day dream of living on the beach where I can hear the ocean every day! 


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