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What is Coaching?

What is Coaching?

It’s a partnership where the coach and the client work together to see a dream, desire or hope grow or a goal reached. It’s built on mutual trust, motivation, and hard work. In essence, the coach wants to empower the client to discover and use the strengths they already possess to grow and reach their goals.

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What is Hope & Relationship Coaching?

What is Hope Coaching?

Hope coaching is specifically designed to

help clients move beyond the “stuckness”

that can happen in any part of life from

decision making to deepening a

relationship and more. 

We also offer Emotional Intelligence 

Coaching as well. 

"You are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress simultaneously" - Sophia Bush

Do you offer other types of coaching?

Do you offer other types

of coaching?

Yes! If you need a partner to help you meet a goal, improve a relationship, develop your skills as a trainer or presenter, or push past the mental barriers & struggles that keep you from your best quality of life, we are here for that too. 

Take a deep breath and live positively!

What can you expect from a coaching relationship?

What can you expect from a coaching relationship?

Coaching with Enter Hope will be an individualized plan the coach and client develop together. We’ll meet on a regular, on-going basis to “work the plan” and help you step into more hope and closer to healing. We start by looking at where you are right now, decide where you want to be, develop the steps to get there and make steady forward movement.

Who should have a coach? 

Who should have a life coach?

Anyone wanting to see life, relationships, hope or any other area of their life improve can benefit from having a coach. The most successful people utilize coaches.

Even the best athletes continue working with a coach to improve

their skills and push them to perform on an even higher level. 

How can I find out if coaching with EH is
for me?

How can I find out if coaching with EH is for me?


Set up a complimentary

Connection Session

to find out what coaching

with us is like. You can set up a Connection Session here

Different coaching packages are available. Our connection session will help us determine which package is best for you. Click here to set up a free connection session. 

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