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Are you half-assing your life?

Every one of us needs that friend who is beautifully blunt about their own struggles in the comfort of a conversation. I cherish the times when that honesty makes me think about what’s happening in my life.

One of those conversations happened a few weeks ago when one of those beautifully blunt friends and I were having a virtual coffee date.

Sitting in separate houses in the same city we caught up on life, family, work…you know…all the normal things we talk about during coffee dates. Then in one of our true to us moments, she said that she recently realized the need to ask herself if she was half-assing her life because it wasn’t the life she really wanted.

Those words became a mirror with my reflection staring back. Asking myself that question made me face something I’d never truly considered. Am I half-assing my life because it’s not the life I really want?

In some areas of my life, I believe that’s true. I have a lot in my life I enjoy. A lot to be proud of. A lot of good.

Then there are those pieces of the puzzle that I avoid, make excuses for, or sometimes just tell myself, “it’s never going to change so why try.”

Since you are human and reading this, I bet you do something similar.

If I heard someone say those things about themselves and their situation, I’d jump at the chance to help them see things differently. I’d want them to know there are so many possibilities. In fact, that’s what I do on the daily.

What holds us back from helping ourselves? Why do we give up on ourselves so easily? Maybe not completely but on some of our dreams and desires that would take our lives to a beautiful new level?

The answers to those questions are as different as we are. The solutions are unique as well, but I have learned there are a few things, pretty universal things, we can do to find our unique “solutions”.

Take a few minutes over the next few days to ask yourself, “What areas in my life am I half-assing?” Make a list…not to drag yourself down, but to look at what parts of your personal puzzle need to be readjusted to fit better into your beautiful new level.

Over the next week, I’m going to share some techniques that can us stop half-assing and take some much-needed steps forward.

So, get that list ready and let’s take a step at a time to a beautiful new level.

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