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Community of Hope

Hope is essential every day. Although we know that, I think we can agree that right about now, we see the need for hope even more. Yes, because there is a virus that is turning our lives, emotions and thinking upside down. And you know what else this changed reality has done? It’s made us see some of the things and people that have been right in front of us in a whole new light. We now can see them as Hope Influencers.

Today’s Hope Influencers fall into the group of people that many of our leaders have deemed as essential personnel. Who are some of these Hope Influencers?

Grocery store workers doing their best to keep the shelves stocked with as much as they can in the middle of the worst shortages on essentials this generation has ever seen. Even though they may be blocking the aisle, we are happy to see them. Why? Because the next thing out of that box in front of them might be the exact thing we need. Cashiers working in close proximity to the public to make sure we can purchase what we need. Even though the line may be long, we are thankful to get these precious supplies. Trucker drivers making the hauls that bring the products to the store. We may have had issues being on the road with them in the past because we can’t see past them and they are just so big, but now we know that if they are on the road, necessities are on the way. Restaurant cooks, wait staff and delivery drivers are making us smile a little wider as they keep us fed when we are so tired of cooking more than usual. Even though we saw it as “their job” before, we appreciate them so much more as they carefully provide our meal and wave from a distance. Childcare workers making sure the children of our essential personnel are safe and cared for. Even though they may not have directly affected us in the past, we now better understand that they help parents get to work to provide for us.

How are they influencing hope? Yes, they are providing what we need in our lives and households. They are also providing needed services to keep our economy moving. They are keeping us nourished and safe. They are helping us realize that the community around is still functioning. In uncertain and struggling times, we desperately need that reassurance and hope.

As you make your short runs to the grocery store or to pick up a meal, wave at a truck driver to say thank you. Show appreciation to the cashiers and the workers stocking the groceries. If you are able, tip that delivery driver a little extra to let him you know you appreciate him. Let those childcare providers in your personal circle know they are important and valued.

This week’s additions to Team Hope Influencer are those keeping us and our communities steady right now…the truck drivers, cashiers, grocery and store personnel, and childcare providers. Thank you is just not enough.

Take a minute to share who in your world fits into any of these categories?

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