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It's Just Like Riding a Bike?

I know how to ride a bike. Do I remember the process and practice it took to learn to ride the bike? Nope. Do I remember the moment someone took the training wheels off and I was able to not so gracefully pedal my way down the street to suddenly realize what was happening only to fall and scrape my knee or other body parts? Again, no. I’m guessing that’s probably what happened based on my clumsy nature and the way it happens in comedy movies.

There are probably plenty of things that we do on the daily that come easily to us now that we can’t remember how we learned them. More than likely we practiced those things and our brain and body took the learning and rolled with it.

Last week we talked about needing to do some mental retraining. Some of you are probably thinking the old “false facts” are too ingrained to change. I know firsthand it can feel that way. Sometimes it can even feel like they are getting louder with time. Even if they are, they are still retrainable.

Still doubting? Before we talk about something you can do to retrain those thoughts, take a look at this short video by Destin at Smarter Every Day about learning to ride a backwards bike.

It took Destin 8 months to learn to ride this bike with one practice run up and down the driveway each day. He wasn’t actively practicing a lot each day. I imagine if he would have, he would have learned it faster. Then when he went to ride the normal bike, his brain and muscles had to relearn how to ride it. It took 20 minutes, but he got back into that muscle memory space.

Two things…

1. You can retrain your muscles, mental and physical, with practice.

2. The old memory can come back so continuing to practice the new skills is important.

Now, let’s talk about practicing something new to start getting out of that half-assing mindset.

Grab that list you made a few weeks ago of things you felt like you were half-assing. If you haven’t made one yet, take a few minutes and do it now or think of one thing that comes to your mind. It could be exercising, drinking enough water, investing more time in family, starting a new business, or anything small or huge. Grab a blank sheet of paper or a new document in Word and let's get started.

1. Write one thing you feel you are half-assing at the top.

2. Divide the page into two columns.

3. In the left column, do a brain dump. List all the reasons that keep you from doing what’s at the top. Stop when you feel you’ve listed everything. It can be things like “I just don’t like to exercise” or “I want to spend more time with the family, but work keeps me too busy.” Take a breath.

4. In the right column, write the opposite or what you would like to be true. Next to “I just don’t like to exercise” you could write “Exercise is healthy for my mind and body and I want to be healthy.” Next to “I want to spend more time with the family, but work keeps me too busy” you could write “I value my family and make time for them.”

5. Write the things in the right column somewhere you will see them to say them at least three times a day. Notecard, post-it, or you can even set them as repeat reminders on your phone so when they come up you see them and then read them.

6. Read them three times a day, every day for at least the next week. I would suggest more until you feel them setting in.

Why should you do this? You want to see a beautiful new level of whatever you wrote on the top of that page. You want to believe the things on the right are true...that's why you wrote them there.

Remember…your mind has learned what’s in the left column. It's time to teach it what is in the right. You didn’t learn the negative overnight, so you are not going to unlearn the negative and replace it with the positive overnight.

That’s why it’s called PRACTICE! And like I said last week, practice makes permanent. The more you say the new truths, the more you will start to truly hear them and believe them.

This is just like riding a bike. (Rewatch video if you’ve forgotten already.)

You can do this because overcoming is your superpower!

Everyone can benefit from having a coach by their side to grow to their beautiful new level, I’d love to be yours. Check out our coaching page to find out more.

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