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Today is the Day!

Can I take a moment to give something a little different?

I love poetry. I love to read it and I love to write it. Mine is usually based in an experience or sometimes a release of all the emotion that creeps up and needs to get out. It doesn’t need to have a form, shape or limit. It’s fluid. It allows me to infuse more emotion into the words.

When I wrote this one, my emotions were coming out of a pretty dark place. I knew I couldn’t give up and this was the only way I knew to remind myself of that. I knew I had to take that one day and make a choice to change even one small thing. The small thing I changed was giving hope a voice through these words.

Today is not the day

my head overruns my life

determination slides from my soul

Today is not the day

I hide from needed accomplishments

my knees hit the dirt for good

Today is not the day

music can’t swim though my veins

words get lost in the wind

Today is the day

my mind chooses peace

my soul finds new motivation

Today is the day

new heights are reached

I leap toward a new goal

Today is the day

Music flows fresh through me

Words take flight to bring hope

Today is the day

Hope enters my story

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