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Wind it Back a Bit

It’s true that we will not always like the things we have to do for business, in life, in relationships, or any other area of our lives.

In the last couple of weeks, I found myself in that place of doing things because “they have to get done” or “this is the way everyone else gets results so this is how I will too.” I found myself on a mental treadmill going nowhere.

If you’ve ever used a treadmill, you know that for safety you are supposed to clip a “stop” string to your clothes so in case you trip the treadmill will stop and keep you from getting injured. On this mental treadmill, I didn’t have a stop string to attach so I kept trying the same thing and hating it. Tripping and getting nowhere. So, I started to avoid it.

Truth is…I strongly dislike marketing. Nope, that’s not true. I HATE marketing. It is one of the biggest struggles for me. I get tongue tangled when I try to write social media posts and start to feel like I am just spitting words out. Then I go into that “this is never going to work” mode. And you guessed it, nothing gets posted and I get more frustrated with myself.

Earlier this week, I was working with my coaches, yep, I have two, and both helped me see some pretty important things.

Joyce is a career transition and empowerment coach. In our session this week, she helped me rediscover that one of the reasons I struggle with this is a lack of self confidence in who I am and my abilities. It’s not something I want to admit, but it’s true. I think that we all deal with that on some level, and like for me, it can get in our way.

Right on the heels of that reminder, I had my session with Stan. He has an amazing way of hearing more than what you’re saying and holding up a mirror to help you hear it too. I mentioned numerous times my dislike for marketing and how much I was pushing myself but truly getting nowhere.

Then he said one simple sentence…that’s it…one sentence…

“If it’s too difficult, wind it back a bit.”

Wait! What?!

At that moment, this woman, who is rarely at a loss for words, was speechless. I’m allowed to “wind it back?” Ladies and gentlemen, there was freedom in those words. We talked through a few other things and I set some goals for the week that were nothing like what I originally thought I needed.

When we hung up from our call, I took a deep breath, put my head on my desk, and thought about…nothing. I decided to wind it back.

Do I still dislike marketing? Yes. Do I have a new perspective? Definitely.

Why? Because I took their insights, mixed it with the wisdom of my amazing sister, to make a new strategy that will work for Ames.

What do you have in your life that seems to difficult? Too stressful to try? Or you’re doing it because “it has to get done” or “this is the way everyone else gets results so this is how I will too.”

Allow me to encourage you with these words…

“If it’s too difficult, wind it back a bit.”

Need some help winding things back and looking at what next steps you need to take for you? Set up a Connection Session and let’s talk about it.

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