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You Have Always Had the Power!

Do you know what is really important when you are trying to change and grow? Honesty. Being honest with yourself most of all.

That’s part of what last week’s blog was about, making a list of things you feel you are half-assing and then telling yourself the reasons why so you can start to change them. To do that you must be honest with yourself. If you are not, then real change can’t happen.

So, in the true spirit of honesty…I have a confession. I had a tough time doing my own lists. Not because I am anywhere near finished growing. Certainly not because I have it all together. So why then? For me, it’s hard to be honest about those things. I have to face that there are things I need to improve and the reasons why I haven’t. Looking into that mirror takes courage and vulnerability. Neither are easy.

Something tells me you may have a tough time facing those things too.

Another part is the big lie some of us have deeply ingrained that we are not able to change where we are. When we tell ourselves that we are basically saying we are powerless to change. But are we?

I think that is one of the biggest yet most believable lies we tell ourselves. Maybe we think that the thing we want to achieve it too huge and it doesn’t look doable where we currently are. Maybe we have been told we would never amount to anything and we began telling ourselves the same thing. Now those thoughts of being powerless are rooted like weeds in the flower garden of our mind.

Even though they are rooted, like real weeds in flower gardens we admire, we have the power to get rid of them.

In a physical garden, we either grab that weed as close to the dirt as possible and yank it out, or we get a garden tool and dig it out. Why do we get rid of the weeds? So the flowers around it will grow stronger, taller and more beautiful.

Our internal garden is more beautiful than those gardens and infinitely more important. Which means we need to do some internal gardening. I say we because I am right there with you. We need to get rid of the weeds so the power we already have can grow stronger, taller and more beautiful.

Today, all I want us to do is acknowledge that we have the power to get rid of the weeds. How do I know we have that power? Because we have always had it and not recognized it. When we take action on the simplest things, we are showing that we have power to do something.

Getting to the doctor when a part of you feels there’s nothing anyone can do is a step in power. You may not have the power to diagnose or heal yourself, but you do have the power to call the doctor’s office and get the appointment.

Not responding to a text or call from a person who treats you badly is a step in power. You do not have the power to change how they act, but you do have the power to change how or if you respond.

Doing a Google search to find out just one step toward a big goal like getting a degree or opening a business is a step in power. You may not have the money or education, but you have the power to find out what it will take and make a plan.

Finding more of our power is starting with acknowledging and taking small steps that lead to bigger steps.

Look at the last few weeks and months and think about a time or times you have taken a step in power. Celebrate it! Jot it down. Put it somewhere you will see it multiple times a day. Remind yourself that you have and can step in power.

If you’re having a tough time identifying your power, keep reminding yourself that it’s there. Tell yourself, “I am powerful. I have the power to be and do great things!” Tell yourself over and over and let that truth sink in!

Still having a hard time, just ask me…I’ll remind you.

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