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I’ve realized over the years that one of the best ways to learn is together. For many, workshops are their favorite way gain new knowledge and skills. Enter Hope provides quality, best practices workshops on a variety of topics to help hope enter anyone’s story. Our current workshop is below. We’ll be adding other workshops in the near future. 


Creating space is an interactive workshop that teaches participants the skills of deep listening and how to best respond in various conversations. Originally designed for those helping individuals in any kind of struggle, the skills taught in creating space can also be applied to various types of conversations from crisis to general decision making.

Creating Space


  • New dates coming soon

  • Six hours of skill-based training

  • 3 sessions over 3 days (online) or 1 in person 6 hour session

  • 8 person minimum

  • Introductory price: $200 


Contact us via email or phone for group rates or find out how to bring the workshop to your organization. 


"Ames is a skilled facilitator with an ability to make  people feel heard. The skills you will learn in this workshop will help you become a more empathic listener. It will open your eyes and help you to identify areas to work on. The small group sessions were a great way to build confidence." - Heather Brown, Mercy Care (Arizona)

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