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Enter Hope

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We are passionate about seeing hope enter the story of our clients' lives. Our unique client-centered approach sets us apart.​

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What we do . . .

Enter Hope offers:

  • suicide intervention/prevention training using curriculum developed by LivingWorks Education 

  • consultation for those finding themselves having to navigate situations surrounding suicide and suicide attempts 

  • life coaching for those that want to go further in life but feel stuck 

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Suicide Intervention & Prevention

We provide training and consulting to help individuals and communities foster hope by understanding how to prevent suicide and intervene with those dealing with thoughts of suicide.

We have trained over 8500 people in over 550 trainings.  

Hope & Relationship Coaching

We help our clients develop an individualized, practical plan to move past being stuck in their pain and grief to discover a more hopeful life.

We offer other areas of coaching as well. 


Cindy Hodge

A.L.L.-IN Unlimited; Cynthia R. Hodge and Associates, LLC

I have had the privilege of working with Ames in a variety of roles over the last number of years. I have provided formal mentorship as she has grown in all of her skills as a trainer and intervener for suicide prevention/intervention. However, I have learned a tremendous amount from her during this time. Ames has an unmatched dedication and passion for helping people see hope in life as they face challenges. She is extremely skilled at presenting/training while focusing on the needs of individuals within any group. She is an asset in any training room or on any team addressing the difficult and sensitive needs of those thinking of suicide and those wanting to be trained to help them.

- Cindy Hodge (A.L.L.-IN Unlimited; Cynthia R. Hodge and Associates, LLC)

Calm Sea

Robert L. Hopper

safeTALK Trainer at VOA Illinois

In 2016, I had the privilege of being trained to become a certified safeTALK trainer for my work with the National Veterans Resource Squad (NVRS) by Ames. The training was intense, not only because of the content and topic, but also because of the impact the training can have on the participants. It requires a great deal of sensitivity and awareness to the sometimes subtle signs that indicate when a person is struggling and could use some support. Ames is that kind of person and trainer. Since completing my training, I have contacted Ames on several occasions for advice and support. This has been very helpful, especially in the critical first (provisional) year as a newly certified trainer. I can’t stress enough how accessible and supportive Ames has been, and how important that has been to my overall success and professional development.

-Robert L. Hopper (safeTALK Trainer at VOA Illinois)

J. Strom Butler

Empowerment Coach

The thing that stands out to me the most is that I feel safe sharing my obstacles with Ames as most of them are internal obstacles. She is very approachable and easy to communicate with. She gives me the impression that she really cares about my success, but she does not get too personal. Ames is very approachable. She is very comfortable to talk to and I feel that she is really present to help me. Her line of questioning is effective in that she is able to pull thoughts and ideas out of my mind. She gives me the motivation to move forward.  

- J. Strom Butler (Empowerment Coach)

Kevin Mahan
LCBC Manheim Campus Pastor

Ministry has demanded I run to people in their moment of need only to experience the pressure of their pain with inadequate tools to solve it. Many of my hardest conversations with people, friends circled back to their despair and suicidal thoughts. Ames' training has been hands down the best equipping I’ve received for these moments. It grew my confidence to help from noticing to intervention to longterm care. It’s been formative to my ministry philosophy and helped me save the life of a personal friend. We need an army of people who see other's pain and confidently run into pain to be part of the solution.  

Kevin Mahan (LCBC Manheim Campus Pastor)

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